Emerge 400

Three Versions:
1. Full: Defibrillator + ECG + NiBP + SPO2 + 3 types of pacing (external transesophageal), endocardial + memory card.
2. Simplified: Defibrillator + ECG + NiBP + SPO2 + Memory Card.
3. Basic: Defibrillator + ECG + Memory Card


Defibrillator- monitor EMERGE 400 is designed for resuscitation and electropulse therapy of acute and chronic cardiac arrhythmia as well as for external, transesophageal, endocardial pacing. It is used in hospitals, cardiology clinics and for equipping emergency medical assistance teams. The device is certified forthe conformance with requirements of Directive 93/42/EEC.

6 Simple Steps to save a lifes

The device can be connected to a car lighter socket (12-18V). In this case all medical procedures can be performed until the total vehicle's battery discharge.

Possibility of power supply from onboard network allows using defibrillator in ambulances to maintain satisfactory condition of the patient during his transportation to the hospital.

Plug the network cable to the socket on the back lid of the device
Switch on the mains power
or install the battery
Turn on the device
Apply according electrodes the to diagram
Set the energy level
Perform energy accumulation
Perform energy dischagre

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