Gerbera Warmer 100

Orderly Enlighten Invention

Warm and Caring


Apply high-accurate double thermistor temperature sensor and increase its accuracy of temperature monitoring.

Perfect to absorbed by skin and effectively accelerate blood circulation, by which the visceral temperature and body surface temperature rise simultaneously in short time.

Double heating tube design accelerate the heating rate and ideally distribute the heat on the surface even the mattress is titled, which provides warm and comfortable for neonatal.

Utilize Elstein for infrared ceramic heating tube, which greatly improve the radiation efficiency and extend the duration.

Ergonomic Design

Simplify operation, improve efficiency, and save valuable time for medical staff

Hands-Free Alarm Silencer

It's able to eliminate the alarm sound just by waving your hand in front of the sensor without touching the machine; help you rneintain a clean, quiet and warm nursing environment, and effectively prevent the occurrence of hospital infection.

Self-adaptive Brightness Adjustment Touch Screen 

10.4-inch color touch screen.

Centralized display of all neonatal waveform and data for easy viewing and operation.

Ambient light sensor, automatically adjusted screen brightness.

Advanced Features

Thermal conduction gel mattress

Environmental silicon gel, with great biocompatibility
Soft and comfortable, great thermo performance Anti-bacterium, easy to clean and disinfect as well as reduce bedsore.

Standard Configurations
Power requirements
Customer specified
Power consumption : 700VA (Maximum)
Heater capacity
84(W) X 110(D) X 178-218(H)cm (Mattress surface : 80-120cm)
Temperature control
Servo control (Manual control also available)
Skin temperature
Setting range : 34.0-38.0°C
Display range : 30.0-42.0°C
Heater output
Setting range : 0-100% (in 5% increments)
Indication range : 0-100 (in 10 levels)
Time display range : 0-60minutes 00 seconds (in 1 second increments)
APGAR mode /CPR mode switchable
LED lamp Adjustable illumination intensity 0-1200lux
Mattress platform angle
Inclination angle (back and forth) : +13°~ -13°
Optional functions
Height Adjustment
Up to 40 cm
Weight Scale
Weight range
300 g to 8 kg
Weight display resolution
1 g
Weight accuracy
+/-10 g
Pulse Oximeter Unit
Display range
1-100% SpO2
Sp02 alarm setting range
Upper limit : 50-99% (in 1% increments)
Lower limit : 45-95% (in 1% increments)
Pulse rate display range
Pulse rate alarm setting range
Upper limit : 80-240bpm. OFF
Lower limit : 35-180bpm, OFF (in 5bpm increments)
Sp02 high/low limit. pulse rate high/low limit. SpO2 sensor
Resuscitation Unit
Pressure indication : -2 ~ 8kPa (-20 ~ 80cmH20)
Suciton unit
Suction pressure control range : O ~ 26.7 kPa (0 ~ 200mmHg)
O2 Blender
Oxygen concentration control range : 21 ~ 100%
Oxygen flow rate control range : 0 ~ 15L/min.
Resusci-flow unit
PMAX setting : 19 ~ 58 kPa (20 ~ 60cmH2O)
Default setting range : 39 kPa (40cmH2O)
Storage/Shipping Information
-25° to 60° C
0 to 95% RH

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